Our Commitment

Believe it or not we have actually been selling and servicing e bikes for twenty years. Long before most had even heard of an e bike. This is an integral and exciting part of our future. It is not some fad, side-line, or minor part of our business. We are e bike enthusiasts!

We are constantly researching and testing new products in this exciting and evolving market. We strive to bring you the best product at the best price with the best service at all times.

Key considerations when purchasing an e bike are fit to your body, suitability for it's intended use, parts availability, warranty, and last but not least, a competent dealer for service. Unfortunately, many e bikes come up short in one or more of these areas. We only carry brands that meet or exceed our expectations in all of these areas.

Aventon Electric Bikes

Aventon E-Bikes are an excellent combination of lower price, quality and value. They are, simply put, the lowest-priced line of e-bikes that meet our rigorous quality standards. All Aventons have both throttle and pedal-assist. Customers love them!

Magnum Electric Bikes

German engineering and top-quality fit and finish distinguish Magnum e-bikes from much of the competition. Various styles include mountain bike, comfort bike, cruiser, and folder. Most models can be operated as power-on-demand or pedal-assist


Bagi bike USA

Bagi E Bikes have been one of our best sellers for years. While most known for their folding bikes, the full-sized B26 Rocky has also become very popular. All Bagis are very well-appointed right out of the box. They come complete with fenders, rear racks, lights, and front suspension. All except the Rocky feature mag wheels.

Velec electric bikes​​

Velec electric bikes are all of superior quality and design. Styles range from small folding bikes to comfortable city bikes. Most models can be operated as power-on-demand or pedal-assist.


Specialized  Turbo

The Turbo line of electric bikes are the result of the vast research and engineering resources of the Specialized Bicycle Company. These bikes have looks and handling that can be easily mistaken for standard bicycles, but performance that is among the best.

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