Currie Technologies​​

Currie Technologies offers a wide range of e-bikes in both price and design. They manufacture bikes sold under the EZip, IZip, and EFlow brand names. Specifications range from basic steel frames with 24v lead batteries all the way to alloy frames with 36v lithium ion batteries.

Velec electric bikes​​

Velec electric bikes are all of superior quality and design. Styles range from small folding bikes to comfortable city bikes. Most models can be operated as power-on-demand or pedal-assist.


Genze Electric Scooters

The Genze 2.0 is a cut above any electric scooter offered in the US. And it is also manufactured in the US! Super high quality, Android touch-screen dash, comfortable ergonomics, and an easily removable battery pack with an integrated charger are just a few of the remarkable features of this futuristic vehicle.


A2B electric bikes​​

A2B products are some of the most advanced on the market. Styles range from small folders, to standard bicycle style to full suspension models that approach scooters in their comfort and ruggedness.


Specialized  Turbo

The Turbo line of electric bikes are the result of the vast research and engineering resources of the Specialized Bicycle Company. These bikes have looks and handling that can be easily mistaken for standard bicycles, but performance that is among the best


Magnum Electric Bikes

German engineering and top-quality fit and finish distinguish Magnum e-bikes from much of the competition. Various styles include mountain bike, comfort bike, cruiser, and folder. Most models can be operated as power-on-demand or pedal-assist


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