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 $999.00  SCOOTERS



What a deal!!! Not really.


But I'm saving money! Not if you spend a fortune on repairs trying to keep the thing running.


But it's cute! The cheapest part of any scooter is the bodywork. Where cheap scooters cut corners are on the important ,but not so noticeable, pieces that make it start easy,run well, and stop well. It may help remembering how cheap it was as you push it home.


How to build a $999 scooter:


Start with an off-the-shelf $150 Chinese copy of somebody elses' motor design. Cheapest possible bearings,aluminum castings, and electrical system are in order.


Weld a frame together out of inferior ,very soft steel. Welds look like they were done by someone that flunked out of shop class.


Add wiring for all the lights and other electrical components. Use thin wire, a generic battery, and all components from the lowest bidder. Don't bother soldering connections or laying out wiring in an orderly fashion, this will all be concealed by the bodywork.


Use tires that won't last long. You won't be needing them. DOT compliance costs too much.


Brakes don't need to actually stop you. Use your feet. Brake squeal will let everybody know your coming, and can fill in for the horn that doesn't work.


Now cover everything in thin, brittle plastic bodywork. Use cheap paint without UV inhibitors. The bike will look like it is 10 years old within 6 months of being in the Florida sun, but it probably won't be running by then anyway.


Back all this with little or no warranty and serviced by a dealer with no formal training and no experience.



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