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We are the scooter experts!


Serving the Tampa Bay Area's scootering needs since 1979, we can make sure you purchase the right scooter for the job. Are you cruising downtown or to Tampa? Will the scooter be a daily driver or only a weekend fun machine? Are you 5 ft. 2 or 6 ft. 5?


All of these factors and many others should be considered when making your purchasing decisions. We have the experience and training to help you through the process.


Our service is second to none.


Having been in the scooter business for so many years certainly has it's benefits as far as service is concerned. There aren't very many mechanical problems that we haven't seen thousands of times before. We have the tools and know-how to make your scootering experience a good one. We are a prime source for parts for most makes and models of scooter, whether relatively new or many years old.

Two Year Warranty!


Anybody can SAY their scooter is the best. Our manufacturers back it up. All of our new scooters have a two year warranty Parts and Labor. Also, there is no mileage limitation and a copy of the warranty comes with each scooter.

Check us out and check out our  scooters


We have a team that has worked long and hard to maintain a reputation for competence and fairness in an industry that is overrun with dealers and manufacturers of dubious ability and character. And that's the nicest way we can put it.

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